Material Handling Solutions

Automotive Solutions
It is well known that automotive components are very heavy and come with a wide range various types varieties. So we have developed a wide range of plastic reusable and reinforced packaging to meet these requirements, Ltdluding collapsible boxes, buck containers, heavy duty plastic pallets and tote boxes. These returned packaging may be used up to 500 times, providing the best opportunities for more productivity, cost-saving benefits and profitability in your business.

Agriculture Solutions
Here’s the solution for your produce container requirements. Our line of bulk and hand-held agricultural containers ensure product quality and reduce costs from harvesting through processing, packing, and distribution. Manufactured from FDA-approved materials and USDA-approved designs. All containers resist sunlight, moisture, and impact, and are easy to clean.

Food Solutions
Matsa's food container systems deliver superior product protection, extend shelf life, reduce packaging costs, and improve supply chain efficiency. We have solutions to meet your shipping and handling needs for meat, poultry, produce, and baked goods, from processing through distribution and retail display.
Bulk containers provides efficient, safe storage & transport of bulk sauces, meats, and food products.
Containers and crates available in many sizes and styles.
Smooth surfaces allow easy cleaning.
Ergonomic designs protect workers, enhance efficiency.
Many styles fit 48" x 45" and 48" x 40" pallets.
Resist impact and temperature extremes.
Will not splinter or absorb odors.

Beverage Solutions
Plastic reusable packaging improves the flow of product all along the beverage supply chain, resulting in significant cost reduction for food and beverage companies. Matsa works with leading beverage manufacturers and suppliers to efficiently move their product throughout the supply chain with reusable plastic pallets, totes and bulk containers. Reduce risk of the can or bottle damage that can occur with splinters and nails from wood pallets
Reduce worker strain by implementing contoured, easy-to-handle containers and pallets.
Prevent costly automated system downtime. Plastic packaging has no broken stringers or box flaps to halt the system.
Improve hygiene. To maintain cleanliness, Matsa's products are manufactured in non-porous plastic that is easy to keep clean.
Ease international shipping. Matsa’ export pallets eliminate the need for costly and time consuming wood pallet fumigation and documentation.
Leverage Radio Frequency Identification. Dimensionally consistent pallets and containers provide repeatable "reads" throughout the supply chain.