Take time to familiarize yourself with our decoration processes, including silk screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, heat transfer printing, metalizing, UV coating, offset printing. read more
With decades of experience in the plastic packaging, Matsa Group specializes in the design, manufacturing, sale and service of cosmetic lotion pumps, fine mist sprayer, foam pumps, plastic cosmetic jars, bottles, tubes and other beauty packaging. read more
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Our design group can provide you with a design of your packaging and 3D rendering of injection molding & injection blow molding to give you an accurate representation of finished product. read more
Markets we serve

We produce containers for a broad array of end markets in the food and beverage product category. In addition, we supply the household, personal care/specialty and Pharmaceuticals product categories. We operate in product categories where customers and end users value the technology and innovation that our custom plastic containers offer as an alternative to traditional packaging materials such as glass, metal and paperboard.

Food & beverage

Inviting Attention, Meeting Customer Needs

Branding is a key in the food and beverage market. The plastic containers we design and manufacture help our customers create, market, and sustain their brand identities.

We design packaging that helps convey the essence of a brand. We build in features to make life easier for consumers.

Food and beverage is a large market category. We produce containers for: shelf-stable, refrigerated, and frozen juices ? non-carbonated juice drinks ? teas ? sports drinks ? beer and liquor ? yogurt drinks and nutritional drinks ? toppings, sauces, jellies, and jams.


Changing the Landscape of the Market

We've played an important role in changing the household products market by helping to facilitate the transition of laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, and household cleaners from powders packaged in paper-based containers to liquids packaged in plastic containers.


Packaging Solutions that Transform Markets

Our white and natural pharmaceutical rounds are offered in a variety of stock sizes ranging from 10 cc to 300 ml. Molded from HDPE plastic, these bottles could be ideal for packaging your vitamins and nutraceutical products! The white PE lined caps could help maintain product freshness by forming a good seal against the container. If tamper evidence is a concern, the pharmaceutical rounds are available with compatible shrink bands.

Personal care

Packaging is the Message

Consumers of personal care products care about appearance. Packaging helps communicate their appeal.

We're a leading supplier of plastic containers for hair, skin, and body care products. We design the packaging to make a strong statement. How the container looks and feels, the labeling, how easily the product is dispensed—all are factors.

Explore your options with one of our Stock Container molds and utilize our Custom Decoration capabilities to create an identity for your product

Choose from one or all of Graham Packaging's decoration processes to help make your package stand out and be noticed on the shelf! Take advantage of one of our Fast Track stock offerings by clicking on the link to view our New web-based catalog. We have a full listing of our stock molds and line drawings available to view and download.


Matsa Beauty Packaging creates plastic packaging designs that define the industry. We offer a steady stream of new products, including our proprietary designs. Our talented team meshes aesthetics, form and function in developing plastic packaging concepts that are both visually distinctive and production practical.

Our objective is to make it easy for you to achieve the benefits of custom packaging: a unique identity that enhances your marketing and increases your profitability.

Design and Developmental Capabilities:

Product Design/CAD
Engineered Drawings and Renderings
Proprietary Designs
Models and Prototypes - Plastic, Acrylic and Stereo Lithography.


Engineering - The strategic interface between technology and your product design.

Matsa Beauty Packaging transforms concepts into reality with insight and vision. We evaluate your design or develop custom designs for you, then we recommend the most effective and efficient manufacturing process, including your needs for decoration and secondary services.

Engineering Capabilities:

Flow Analysis
Mold Design
Resin Selection
Mold Construction


Matsa Beauty Packaging, is proud of the new and global resources we have available to complete every step of your production. Our unique strengths are applied to your advantage.

Our manufacturing facilities are audited to comply with the most stringent quality standards including ISO 9000, SQC/SPC, & TQM.


Multiple Plant Locations
Diverse Press Sizes
Clean Room Capabilities
Seasoned workers

Production Processes:

Injection Molding
Injection Blow Molding
Injection Stretch Blow Molding including Reheat and Blow
Thermal Forming
Complete Decorating Capabilities
Custom pack-outs to fit your needs

Customer Service

Once you choose Matsa Beauty Packaging develop your packaging needs you are immediately assigned a Business Development Coordinator. Your Coordinator will assist you with every detail from the beginning of your project straight through to your first delivery. From coordinating sample requests to pricing proposals, we devote full attention to the development of your packaging needs. All information that relates to your account is always held in strict confidence. After you've received your first delivery your account is turned over to an Order Administrator who will enter and track your orders every step of the way.

For more information on how our customer service department can assist you with your packaging needs please call Customer Service at 86-592-5664585 or email sales@beauty-packaging.com


Matsa Beauty Packaging understands how important your package and its functionality are to the products you represent. Because of this, we have implemented our own in-house Quality Control Department to ensure you receive the excellence that you deserve. Matsa has created formal documented Quality Assurance programs, including a two-tier documented system that follows ISO 9000 Standards, a Quality Assurance Manual, and a Standard Operating Procedures Manual.

Quality surveys are performed on new suppliers of Matsa's prior to us doing business with them. This means you can always feel secure when working with Matsa Beauty Packaging. We also have advanced quality planning systems which require new project checklists, new tooling checklists, as well as production quality planning programs.

What does this all mean to you? The bottom line is that Matsa Beauty Packaging expects nothing but the finest packaging components for our customers and we strive to ensure that this occurs. You can rest assured that our Quality Assurance Department will be there every step of the way to guarantee your end product meets your expectations. For more information, contact one of our experienced account managers today.

Matsa’s Quality Policy

We will provide products that conform to our customer's requirements and deliver them on time at a competitive price. Our name must represent quality to our customers, vendors and ourselves.

Implementation of this policy makes it essential that we provide clearly stated requirements.

It is our basic operating philosophy to concentrate on prevention methods to make quality a way of life and to continually improve our products and services to meet our customer's requirements.

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