Plastic Pallets

China plastic pallet MS-1111PSB

Product No MS - 1111 PSB
Size 1100 x 1100 x 150 mm (+/-5 mm)
Weight 17kgs
Raw material High Density Polyethylene
Manufacture Injection moulded / Heat compression welded
Color Blue, Custom colors are available.
Static Load 4000kgs
Dynamic Load 1000kgs
Rack Load 800kgs
Recyclability 100% recyclable
Design Injection moulded cellular design for maximum stregnth and rigidity
Cleanability Able to be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised
Application Food, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Electronics, Building & Construction, Automotive, Freight forwarding, Agriculture,
Entry points 2 Way Fork Lift, 2 Way Pallet Jack
Chemcial resistance Very high chemical resistance, particularly acids and alkalis

This pallet is considered by many to be the industry standard. Molded as a one-piece, double-face pallet, the Cell provides four-way forklift and two- way pallet jack entry for easy operation. Its double-face design makes the Cell well suited to conveyors and other automated equipment applications. It offers a flow-thru cleanable design and is acceptable for use in USDA-inspected meat and poultry operations. The Cell is designed and manufactured to stand up to continuous heavy use without splintering or deteriorating from exposure to chemicals or weather.


High-density polyethylene, structurally foam molded for high strength-to- weight ratio and superior static load capacity
Heavy duty, non-reversible double deck
Environmentally friendly, completely recyclable
Custom colors, configurations, and customer identification options are available.
NEW enhanced stringer design for better conveyor performance. Angled design allows for better pallet jack entry
NEW thicker outer wall and diagonal ribbing for exceptional impact resistance
NEW improved hygienic design for easy cleanability, with no sharp corners
Homogeneous one-piece design