Plastic stacking containers

plastic stacking containers 7-3
External Size 667×483×410mm
Internal Size 600×450×400mm
Raw material High Density Polyethylene
Manufacture Injection moulded
Color Blue, Custom colors are available.
Style Reinforcing side ribs, Thickly ribbed flat conveyor bottom.
Recyclability 100% recyclable
Design Injection moulded cellular design for maximum stregnth and rigidity
Cleanability Able to be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised
Application Food, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Electronics, Building & Construction, Automotive, Freight forwarding, Agriculture
Chemcial resistance Very high chemical resistance, particularly acids and alkalis
Stackable industrial totes can be great for shipping specialized products in manufacturing. The small industrial containers work best for small assemblies and plastic parts. Often industrial totes contain internal dunnage (specifically designed for your parts). The dunnage protects the parts in the plastic tote containers. Plastic industrial totes are often made from hdpe, a very strong material that enables the containers to last for several years. Over time, these containers offer a significant cost savings when compared with cardboard boxes.


Variety of sizes available
Recycled and recyclable plastic
Reinforcing side ribs add strength
Strong and durable
Optimum protection of your goods
Versions feature ergonomic or open handles
Smooth interiors for easy cleaning
Available with or without drain holes
Reusable container will stack with or without lids for maximum storage and shipping
Wide variety of identification options
Textured bottoms ensure safe and easy, non-slip grip in transit on conveyors.
Usable on conveyors and automated palletizing systems