Plastic nesting containers

Plastic nesting container 0-2
External Size 623×426×315mm
Internal Size 525×398×310mm
Raw material High Density Polyethylene
Manufacture Injection moulded
Color Blue, Custom colors are available.
Style Reinforcing side ribs, Thickly ribbed flat conveyor bottom.
Recyclability 100% recyclable
Design Injection moulded cellular design for maximum stregnth and rigidity
Cleanability Able to be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised
Application Food, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Electronics, Building & Construction, Automotive, Freight forwarding, Agriculture
Chemcial resistance Very high chemical resistance, particularly acids and alkalis
Injection molded in one-piece of high density polyethylene. These smooth, non-porous, resilient containers can't snag, tear or damage parts or personnel. Constant wall thickness assures maximum strength at all load bearing points. These tote pans are easily cleaned and are unaffected by hot water, steam and most acids; commercial cleaning solutions may be used. Molded in bottom grooves and built-in handles, and can stack 5 high.


Different sizes stack together
Smooth interior walls
Solid, smooth bottom helps noise reduction
Reinforced external ribbing for maximum stacking strength
Lifting slots compatible with robotic lift and manual lift assist equipment
Ergonomic handle on two sides for easy lifting
Fingertip handles on adjacent sides
Continuous bumper to keep dirt and dust from contaminating product
Available in blue, grey and medium green