Our Products

If you want your business to excel with plastic product solutions that perform intelligently for ease of handling, safety, cleanliness and value, Matsa is the partner to get you there. Matsa's full line of exceptionally functional pallets and crates, containers, wheeled containers and bins deliver world-class design advantages to a wide array of industries Ltdluding:
Food and Beverage
Third party logistics
Waste and recycling collection industry
If you are in the agriculture, food and beverage industry and seek solutions for your field, check out our selection of plastic stacking & nesting container, pallet boxes and plastic stacking crates, such as orange crates, bread crates, beer bottle crates, bulk containers & collapsible pallet containers and more.
If you are in pharmaceuticals or medical profession and look for solutions for your field, you will be interested in our plastic pallets, turnover containers and medical waste containers.
If you are a material manager at an automotive, visit our complete package section for storage containers, bulk containers, collapsible pallet containers.
If you are a electronic manufacturer or an IT materials manager, concerned with the safety of your electronic components, Matsa makes available to you the most extensive inventory of plastic storage bins and plastic storage containers.
If you are a manager from third party logistics, without doubt, you are sure to be interested in our plastic pallets, nestable pallets or disposable pallets. If you are a manager from waste and recycling collection industry, we provide you with 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled wheelie bins.

If you don't find the units which meet your requirements, Matsa Packaging Ltd provides a complete turn-key process to custom containers, pallets, totes and other products. Our custom solutions are not limited to packaging or material handling applications. Whether you're in the manufacturing, distribution or food industries, Matsa has reusable packaging products and services that provide the best opportunities for more productivity and profitability in your business.

Plastic Pallet Boxes
Matsa provides a strong reusable bulk container for industrial and retail use in the transport and storage of products Ltdluding; waste management, recycling, food, pharmaceutical, components.
The resilience of Plastic Pallet Boxes offer a protective container reducing packaging needs and the reuse capabilities make pallet boxes a cost effective solution compared to disposable wooden or corrugated containers.
As well as rigid fixed walled pallet boxes, a range of folding (collapsible) plastic pallet boxes offer the additional benefit of space saving when storing and transporting empty containers. Some models of folding pallet boxes also have a foldable side access door which aids packing and unpacking.
A range of sizes are available, there are also options of vented walls and various configurations to the base runners or feet depending on the model.