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MS001 30, 50ml & 80ml acrylic airless jarsMS001 30, 50ml & 80ml airless jars
MS001A - 30ml Diameter=62.5mm, Height=64mm
MS001B - 50ml Diameter=71.6mm, Height=66mm
MS001C - 80ml Diameter=72mm, Height=78mm
Material Jar: acrylic, Inner bottle: PP, Cap: acrylic
Style Round
Manufacture Injection molded, Metalized pump
Color Custom colors are available
Decorating Silkscreen, hot stamping, UV coating, Frosted
Application Beauty, Cosmetic, SPA, Skin care, Moisturizers, Cream
Not recommended Alcohol
Filling Hot-filling is forbidden
Minimum order quantity 5000pcs
Innovation continues to move airless technology into different directions. When Italy-based Alta Care Laboratories created its sophisticated formulas for SPF50+ and SPF30+ Dermastir Caviar sun protection, it needed an equally sophisticated container.

The formula's ingredients and UV filters required protection from oxygen, heat, light and bacteria. In order to meet this need, Alta Care Laboratories developed its own proprietary airless jar.

"They are unique because they are airless jars, not airless bottles [typical of the market]," says Ivan S. Pullicino, managing pharmacist for Alta Care Laboratories in Rome. Explaining the technology, he says, "It works just like all the airless bottles, but the airless jars have a wider pump that gives a better presentation and it also has a superior actuator." The actuator delivers controlled doses to eliminate the possibility of contamination from double-dipping into the cream.

In addition to its airless quality, Matsa's packaging features three nesting jars to create a "thermos effect," , serving to protect ingredients from heat. The metallic-coated inner jar reflects infrared to keep the formula from light and eliminate the possibility of turning yellow after opening. Matsa is currently sold in the 15ml, 30ml, 50ml & 80ml size at pharmacies. There are other airless jars on the market today. Matsa has launched a Touch Jar for the luxury skin care market segment. The jar contains a vacuum system. "The twin-walled PVC jar is topped with a sculpted PP concave palette; [simply] push down and the product is automatically dispensed through the rubber tip onto the palette,".

This dual structure airless jar combines excellent product compatibility (PP inner jar) with high quality aesthetics (SAN outer) to form a high performance luxurious packaging system. Also available in 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. For cream-type products that suffer from high rates of oxidation or high weight loss when packed in conventional jars. Product remains protected in the airless jar and does not become contaminated during use. The powerful 0.5cc pump system ensures accurate dosage by simply depressing the large, easy to use actuator.

Features And Benefits

1.Thick wall adds value to the product.

2.Ideal for cream type products that suffer oxidation or high weight loss.

3.Possibility to decorate outer and inner jar independently.

4.Easy top filling 5.Airless means longer shelf-life

6.One finger operation

7.No cross contamination as the product in the jar remains intact

8.Hygienic wipe clean actuator surface

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