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MS011 airless dispenser
MS011A - 15ml Diameter= 38.1mm, height=83.8mm
MS011B - 30ml Diameter= 38.1mm, height=110.4mm
MS011C - 50ml Diameter= 38.1mm, height=140.4mm
Material Bottle: AS, Pump: PP, Inner bottle: PP
Style Round
Manufacture Injection molded
Color Custom colors are available
Decorating Silkscreen, hot stamping, UV coating
Application Beauty, Cosmetic, Health care, Moisturizers, Serum, Lotion, Cream, Essential oil, Gel
Not recommended Thick cream, Alcohol
Filling Hot-filling is forbidden
Minimum order quantity 5000pcs
Airless technologies do not all look or function the same. There are actually several different technologies that classify as airless packagings.

The most popular system is a piston system. As George, global lotion product manager for Kenkay Personal Care, Purchase, Australia, explains, "A piston package is a bottle with a piston at the bottom that goes up...the advantage of a piston package is that you have a piston inside, but you don't really see it."

Used sometimes for sprays and creams, bag-in-bottle technology is another airless option. As the name suggests, this technology utilizes a bag that collapses as the product is used up. "Bag-in-bottle systems are not as common, and are used more for specialty products that have special barrier needs or require something other than a cylindrical or oval shape," comments Sweeney.

Sweeney also mentions the use of pressurized bag on pump technology, used for "formulas that need to dispense under pressure, such as body spray or foaming gel shave care products."

Matsa' airless dispensers provide product protection, enhanced quality and extended shelf life for cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical creams, gels, and other high viscosity emulsions.

The patented double valve system protects products from air and delivers precise and repeatable dosing. Dispensers can dispense in any position and allow consumers to use almost all of the contents. A wide range of options for both top fill and bottom fill dispensers, including oval and round containers ranging in size from 5ml to 120ml, are available. A variety of actuator and cap styles, and dosing options. are also available.

Airless pumps and airless sprayers products are doubtlessly indispensable for every day-to-day usage. They make life more convenient, comfortable and easy as well. Whether it is cosmetic & beauty, personal care, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products or liquid painting, the use of these airless pumps products are virtually indispensable in every aspect of modern life. That is why we at Matsa Packaging Ltd., a China based company and the leading provider of packaging solutions, have brought some ultimate airless pumps and airless sprayers products for different packaging requirements of modern life.

These airless pumps and airless sprayers products have been manufactured keeping in mind all the problems that people face in their day to day life. We offer these airless pumps products in amazing designs, shapes, fill sizes and capacities. These state-of-the-art airless pumps products have answers to all the problems that you have been facing with their convention counterparts. For instance, the conventional airless pumps such as perfume spray bottle have drawbacks such as high discharge rate resulting in unnecessary wastage of content. But, we have designed our airless pumps products in such way that they help you save content thereby reducing your cost on the usage of these products. Our research and development capabilities are literally insuperable and that make us the leader of quality. With an unmatched quality, these airless pumps and airless sprayers products will surely touch your heart and live up to your satisfaction level. The prices at which we offer these airless pumps products are unbeatable in the market. We specialize in high-end, unique and innovative packaging. This makes it possible for us offer customized airless pumps products to our customers according their specific requirements. The prototypes of these airless pumps on selected items within weeks are also made available since we are able have quick turn around of these airless pumps products starting from conception to shipping. You can check out the different designs for airless pumps product specifications at our product gallery and take you pick.

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