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MS312 plastic cosmetic jar
MS312A - 15ml Diameter= 61mm, height= 40mm
MS312B - 30ml Diameter= 61mm, height= 45mm
MS312C - 50ml Diameter= 68mm, height= 49mm
MS312D - 100ml Diameter= 84mm, height= 64mm
MS312E - 200ml Diameter= 92mm, height= 85mm
Material Jar: acrylic, cap: acrylic, inner cup: PP, inner cap: PP
Style Upright round
Manufacture Injection molded
Color Custom colors are available
Decorating Silkscreen, hot stamping, UV coating
Application Beauty, Cosmetic, Spa, Skin care, Moisturizers, Cream
Minimum order quantity 5000pcs
Matsa Beauty Packaging offers a wide selection of Plastic Cosmetic Jars in a variety of colors and material types. Depending on your product you can choose from our selection of Acrylic Plastic Jars, PET/PETG Plastic Jars, PolyPropylene (PP) Plastic Jars and Polystyrene (PS) Plastic Jars to fit your end use application. Over the past few months we have expanded the number of designer and speciality plastic jars in an attempt to accomodate our customers growing needs. However if there is a specific plastic jar you are looking for, but can't find it on our site, please email sales@beauty-packaging.com and we'll try to find it for you.and we'll try to find it for you.

Ranging in size from 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml to 200 ml, our Crystal Clear, Acrylic Double Wall Jars offer an attractive look at a great price. These cosmetic-type jars feature a crystal clear acrylic(PMMA) outer wall for increased durability and a white polypropylene (PP) inner cup to preserve moisture. The crystal clear acrylic double wall radius jars are offered with white dome caps. The crystal clear acrylic dome caps came with a a white polypropylene (PP) inner cap and an foam liner. These crystal clear acrylic jars could be used for containing many face and body care products. Try using multiple sizes for elegantly containing an entire line of products.

Matsa also offers a variety of decorating options for your acrylic cosmetic jars to complete your entire packaging needs. Along with supplying containers and closures, we specialize in multi-color silk screening, heat transfer printing, silver, gold or coloured UV coating, hot stamping. For decorating information, send us a sample of what you'd like decorated, along with the quantity needed, and we will prepare a quotation specifically for you.

White, Rounded Double Wall Jars are made of PP. Double-walled jars are made up of two pieces: an outside base which is fitted around the threaded container. This is a durable container and can accommodate up to from 5ml to 250ml of product and is perfect for cosmetic applications, cream, spa, lip balms, lotions, travel containers, and product samples.

White, Rounded Double Wall Jars offer an attractive look at a great price. These cosmetic-type jars feature a white polystyrene(PS) outer wall for increased durability and a white polypropylene (PP) inner wall to preserve moisture. Jars include a domed, unlined polypropylene cap.

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