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The pallet market 2010 in CHINA
In China, annual production of new pallets is roughly 200 million. Plastic pallets account for six million with the figure Ltdreasing by 5% annually.

Pallet market in general
The market for transport packaging is seeing many changes.
Trends currently towards sustainable reusable systems.
Up until about ten years ago disposable pallets made of a variety of materials were predominant, but meanwhile reusable pallets are fast gaining ground. The total number of pallets is reckoned to be about four billion worldwide, 90% of which are made of wood. Annual production of new pallets is estimated at 850 million, some 18 million of which are plastic.

The pallet market 2010 in EUROPE
Over the past ten years, the total number of reusable pallets circulating in Europe has Ltdreased by 25% from 280 million to about 370 million. Here the EuroPallet (standard transport pallet made of wood measuring 800 x 1200 mm and weighing 20-24 kg, held together with 78 special nails) is most widely used with a share of over 300 million. Plastic pallets account for about 6% of the market. Every year around 36 million new EuroPallets are produced throughout Europe to replace damaged ones. In total some 50 million new reusable pallets are manufactured annually, three million of which are made of plastic. Given the excellent properties of plastic pallets and the export regulations governing wooden pallets, the market for plastic pallets is constantly growing.The growth potential for plastic pallets is between 3-5%.

Pallets to 2012 in US - Demand and Sales Forecast
US demand for pallets will reach 1.5 billion units in 2012. Pallets made from wood will remain dominant, while plastic pallets will grow the fastest based on their durability, ease of cleaning and recyclability. Manufacturing will continue as the largest market, but will be outpaced by providers of warehousing and other storage services. This study analyzes the $15.4 billion US pallet industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 1997, 2002 and 2007, and forecasts for 2012 and 2017 by material (e.g., wood, plastic, metal, corrugated paper), product, market (e.g., manufacturing, warehousing and storage, construction), and US geographic region.

Plastic Pallets in US - Plastic pallet demand to exceed 50 million in 2012
Demand for plastic pallets is projected to rise nearly five percent per year to more than 50 million pallets in 2012. Pallet users are opting for plastic pallets due to their durability. Plastic pallets are easy to clean, and meet US and international phytosanitary requirements for shipping, making them ideal for product shippers with neither the time nor resources to continually sterilize pallets. Plastic pallets can last a long time without requiring time-consuming repairs, and can be easily recycled once they have reached the end of their product lifespan. Additionally, plastic pallets can possess sufficient strength despite a weight much less than that made from other materials, an important consideration to value-conscious long-distance shippers.