Exterior size: 590×385×200mm
Internal size: 510×350×190mm
Plastic Nesting Container 30-1
Exterior size: 600×400×330mm
Internal size: 545×375×315mm
Plastic Nesting Container 30-2
Exterior size: 600×400×250mm
Internal size: 565×370×230mm
Plastic Nesting Container 30-3
Exterior size: 600×400×245mm
Internal size: 590×365×240mm
Plastic Nesting Container 30-4

Exterior size: 540×320×320mm
Internal size: 500×300×315mm
Plastic Nesting Container 30-5
Exterior size: 400×300×230mm
Internal size: 390×265×225mm
Plastic Nesting Container 30-6
Exterior size: 400×300×115mm
Internal size: 350×250×95mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 35-1
Exterior size: 400×300×148mm
Internal size: 350×250×130mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 35-2

Exterior size: 400×300×220mm
Internal size: 350×250×200mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 35-3
Exterior size: 400×300×280mm
Internal size: 350×250×260mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 35-4
Exterior size: 600×400×115mm
Internal size: 550×360×95mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 36-1
Exterior size: 600×400×148mm
Internal size: 550×360×130mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 36-2

Exterior size: 600×400×220mm
Internal size: 550×360×200mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 36-3
Exterior size: 600×400×280mm
Internal size: 550×360×260mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 36-4
Exterior size: 600×400×325mm
Internal size: 550×360×310mm
Plastic Attached-lid Box 36-5

Attached Lid Container

With attached lid containers you have two options.
There are the distribution boxes that nest when empty and there are the lidded straight wall containers that have maximum internal volume.
Both types give security to their contents and no more worrying about lost or missing lids.

The popular attached lid box containers have either single hinged lids, or the ever popular split interlocking hinged lids.
The latter are particularly useful as when the lids are open, the two halves hang down beside the main body, which then allown compact nesting of empty containers - with the lids closed, normal stacking resumes.

Matsa, a specialist in reusable plastic packaging and material handling systems, introduces the new all-plastic Attached Lid Container. Featuring extra-secure, molded HDPE hinges that snap-lock when the lid closes, this Attached Lid Container is the ideal choice for greater security in shipping, storage, or picking applications in industries such as grocery, general merchandise, manufacturing, medical, and more. And it's conveniently 100% recyclable without the need to separate the lid and container.

Designed for long-lasting, cost-saving performance, the 21" L x 15" W x 12" H all-plastic Attached Lid Containers also features patented interlocking fingers on lids for tight closure and secure stacking. Tie holes located in both ends of container are compatible with a variety of closures to further secure lids and provide a location for tamper-evident seals. With up to 50 lbs. capacity, the container's reinforced sides and corners ensure added strength for protection against breakage from loads or rough handling. Containers nest when empty to save storage space and lower return freight costs.

Other valuable features Ltdlude a smooth interior for easy cleaning; identification areas for labels and tags; textured bottom to prevent slippage on belt conveyors; and ergonomic, molded-in handle grips for easy lifting. The all-plastic Attached Lid Container is stocked in the color gray; other custom colors are available with minimum quantity orders.

Matsa has designed the Attached Lid Container (ALC) to maximize security and service life in manual or automated storage and distribution systems.
These containers are widely used within the retail sector wherever high value items are distributed such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, CDs, jewelry, cigarettes, etc. Produced in tough, durable polypropylene these ALCs are available in 14 full size containers with heights of 32.0 cm, 28 cm and 22 cm and two half-size containers with heights of 28cm, 22 cm and 15 cm. These containers have several tamper-resistant and tamper-evident features along with multiple identification options that provide an extraordinary level of security and protection for their contents and complete compatibility in any operation.