Packaging Your Future

Packaging to Improve Your Material Handling Performance and Profitability:

This is the Matsa promise to you. Matsa works with customers to create the best reusable packaging programs that deliver value throughout the supply chain -- value that improves material handling performance and lowers costs in your operations through:

Superior product protection
Improved workflow
Ltdreased productivity
Better ergonomics
Maximized space usage
Reduced labor costs
Lower transport costs
Less solid waste
Cleaner work environment
Enhanced customer satisfaction

The Best Selection, Quality, and Service
From shipping large automotive parts to protecting poultry products- you can rely on Matsa as the one resource for reusable packaging products and services that deliver the best opportunities to improve material handling performance throughout your business:
Collapsible Bulk Containers
Intermediate Bulk Containers
Straight Wall Container Systems
Attached & Detached Lid Container Systems
Stack & Nest Totes
Food Processing & Distribution Containers
Agricultural Containers
Bakery Trays
Pallets & Top Caps
Custom Interior Dunnage

Applications Engineering and Design Services...
To further add value to your supply chain, count on Matsa’s Applications Engineering and Design Services:
2D CAD and 3D PRO E Design Software
Complete Material and Product Testing
Dynamic Transit Simulation for AIAG Testing
Static and Dynamic Compression Testing
Finite Element Analysis
Complete Mold Management
Prototyping and Modeling
Trailer Utilization Software

Custom Plastic Solutions...
To accommodate your unique needs, our industry-leading design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities provide many options for custom dunnage and other products. Built to perform, our products are quality-tested to ensure they meet your expectations, time and again. Our services Ltdlude:
Product Engineering
Tooling / Mold-Making
Prototyping & Testing
Final Manufacturing


Quality Manufacturing Processes...
Matsa uses a wide range of manufacturing processes to meet your needs for standard and custom products. We employ the latest molding and testing technologies to ensure superior quality and performance in every product. Our people work as a team with one focus: excellence for each customer.


Injection Molding
Structural Foam Molding
Rotational Molding
Cut & Weld Containers & Pallets
Foam & Corrugated Plastic
Cut & Bolt/Weld

Manufacturing Facilities
Shanghai, China

Opportunities for Any Industry...
Whatever you move, sort, ship, handle, or store, Matsa has comprehensive container, pallet, dunnage, and service opportunities to improve your material handling performance and lower costs in your operations:
Food Processing
Grocery Distribution
Industrial Manufacturing
Retail Distribution