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lotion pumps Take time to familiarize yourself with our decoration processes, including silk screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, heat transfer printing, metalizing, UV coating, offset printing. read more body care packaging
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With decades of experience in the plastic packaging, Matsa Group specializes in the design, manufacturing, sale and service of cosmetic lotion pumps, fine mist sprayer, foam pumps, plastic cosmetic jars, bottles, tubes and other beauty packaging. read more personal care packaging
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Our design group can provide you with a design of your packaging and 3D rendering of injection molding & injection blow molding to give you an accurate representation of finished product. read more health care packaging
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Health & Beauty Packaging

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In the manufacture of packaging for health, pharmaceutical, beauty and cosmetic products, an elaborate range of materials can be called upon to achieve the right look, from PE, AS, PS, PET to acrylic. High gloss UV coatings are often employed to achieve higher luxury. At Matsa Beauty Packaging we will work with you and make sure that we appreciate the specific requirements and goals of your project. The end finish will be packaging that meets the correct standards for transportation, storage and display, and provides an optimal surface for your products to visually pop and catch the eye of the consumer.

We utilize the latest technology to design and manufacture health and beauty packaging and cosmetic packaging for our customers. All of our plastic packaging products are custom made to perfectly fit our customers' requirements. We seek to develop a partnership with each customer that's based on communication, responsiveness and trust.

Whether it's a cosmetic container that will enclose hair care products, perfume, lipstick, lip gloss, or any of an almost limitless range of other health, beauty and cosmetic items, our customers come to us seeking custom specialty packaging that will safely carry the product at the same time as it carries a message of quality, distinction and professionalism.

Health and beauty packaging and cosmetic packaging plays a pivotal role in making a product stand out from the competition and attract the attention of buyers. When you know exactly what you need, we're happy to provide it. If, on the other hand, you're seeking design assistance and advice from people who have cutting edge knowledge and experience in the field, then Matsa can give you creative options to choose from. Although we make containers, we think outside the container when it comes to packaging design.

Samples of custom health and beauty or cosmetic packaging can be turned around in 2 months, and often as promptly as 1 month.

An Eco-Friendly Advantage

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Increasingly, consumers and retailers expect to buy eco-friendly or "Green" packaging. We've long been in the vanguard of developing eco-friendly and sustainable packaging alternatives and can offer you a full range of options that are kinder to the environment, like 100% recycled plastic and biodegradable soy-based inks. In fact, we look at each and every product we make from the perspective of sustainability, and we'll offer you helpful suggestions without you even needing to ask us.

And every single one of our plastic cosmetic bottle, plastic cosmetic jar or plastic cosmetic tube is made by using 100% virginal material. Improving the reliability of our own business, from containers to cosmetic sprayers, lotion pumps, atomizers or plastic closures, is a perpetual goal here at Matsa.

Call or e-mail us today to discuss your Health & Beauty packaging requirements, and let us exceed your expectations.

On line Catalog Only

We have discontinued our printed catalog since we now have the majority of our products in our online catalog showroom.

The items we sell are shown on our web site, Our online Catalog is just a circle. Click on any product page of plastic containers to view, then click the number at the bottom of page to view the next page. You will click through all our products and finally end up back where you started. We will be constantly updating and adding to our website, of course if you don't find what you're looking for give us a call +86-15588365135 or email us

Special Decorating Services

Matsa offers a variety of decorating options for your cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars to complete your entire packaging needs. Along with supplying containers and closures, we specialize in multi-color silk screening, heat transfer printing, UV coating, soft-touch painting, labeling and hot stamping. For decorating information, send us a sample of what you'd like decorated, along with the quantity needed, and we will prepare a quotation specifically for you. Learn more about decorating click here. read more

Airless Dispensing - Protecting your product

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Airless packaging has become a necessity for sensitive formulations, with particular focus on the skincare, cosmetic, and personal healthcare industries. We’ve answered some common questions about airless packaging many times with our clients, and we’ve decided to share our expertise with the world via this article! So... What is airless dispensing?

What exactly is airless packaging?

Typically, an airless package is a dispensing system that uses a single-direction pump. This means it does not allow air from the atmosphere back into the container like a standard pump. The displaced liquid needs to be replaced in some other way such as a rising piston or collapsing bag or tube.

The actuator is used to pump product out of the reservoir which creates a vacuum and therefore a lower pressure. Once the pressure in the reservoir has decreased enough, the product is dispensed through the actuator. This ensures a much more accurate dosage from the dispenser after the pump has been primed.

To understand how airless packaging works it is helpful to think about it in terms of difference to a conventional pump. In a conventional pump a vacuum is created in the chamber of the pump engine which forces the product out, and when the pump is released atmospheric air is allowed back into the bottle or container to balance the pressure. The difference with airless packaging is that no air is allowed back into the bottle or container and therefore the pressure difference has to be compensated for by the size of the reservoir reducing – hence the moving parts in the airless container.

Piston or Collapsing bag?

There are essentially two types of airless bottles, one of which features a rising internal piston and the other a collapsing inner skin or bag in the bottle. The rising piston is certainly the most common and this works when the vacuum suction created by the product being dispensed causes the piston to rise up inside the pump reservoir. The collapsing bag version features high precision technology where a very thin plastic liner or co-extruded part of the container will collapse as the product is dispensed to have the same effect.

No dip-tube?

Most airless bottles & pumps are distinct from other conventional pumps by absence of a dip tube going to the bottom of the bottle. At first sight this can look like a fault but since the product is dispensed from the top of the bottle a dip-tube is not required.

What is priming?

Priming a pump is expelling all air from the pump mechanism, or in the case of an airless pack, from the top of the airless container to ensure it is dispensing product only, and therefore operating correctly. Depending on the product, priming can take 5, 30, or more “strokes” (pumps) to create the vacuum necessary to dispense the product.

If the pump is removed from the airless bottle, when re-connected, it then needs to be primed again as air will have entered the reservoir and negated the vacuum. It is always advisable when filling an airless pack to prime it immediately after filling to eliminate any air in contact with the product. This ensures best integrity of product for the consumer as well as making it user-ready.

Negligible chemical interaction

With many formulations being increasingly designed to treat specific problems, be it skincare, haircare, cosmetic, or otherwise, the integrity of the product is paramount. Even the small amount of impurities or bacteria in the air can affect a product, often causing emulsions to break down and reducing the shelf life of a product.

Sometimes, large amounts of preservatives are included in formulations to try to counter-act this effect. With airless packaging, the product does not come into contact with the air until it is dispensed and as a result, the product requires little or no preservative and is less susceptible to degradation and discolouration.The complexity of today’s formulae means airless dispensers are essential to protect sensitive and active ingredients from degrading.

Easy to use

Generally, airless packs will dispense the product effectively regardless of the rotation or angle of the pack! Since they dispense from the top and do not require a dip tube, most can be dispensed upside down or at an angle. Single-handed operation is also an advantage compared to jars and conventional bottles.

No internal pressure

The packaging does not require additional internal pressure to push the product out. This means airless packaging isn’t shipped under pressure and offers a valuable safety advantage compared to aerosol packs.

Eco design

With airless packs being designed this way they do not require a propellant, unlike aerosol dispensers which generally rely on the use of harmful propellants which are harmful to the environment and can cause asthma and allergic reactions. Some airless ranges can be cleaned and refilled. Both points mean it is much better for the environment. Every little helps in reducing everyone’s carbon footprint!

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