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With decades of experience in the plastic packaging, Matsa Group specializes in the design, manufacturing, sale and service of cosmetic lotion pumps, fine mist sprayer, foam pumps, plastic cosmetic jars, bottles, tubes and other beauty packaging. read more
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Do you have an unusual product with its own unique shape and feel? Are you at a loss as to how to package it? Our Product Development team can design a custom packaging solution specifically to meet your needs. We consider aesthetics, durability, marketability, feel and function. Send us your product and requirements and we'll design a prototype for you to consider - with no commitment on your part!
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  foam pump FP01   foam pump FP02   foam pump FP03   foam pump FP04  
  FP01, Neck: 43mm   FP02, Neck: 42mm   FP03, Neck: 40mm   FP04, Neck: 40mm  
  foam pump FP05   foam pump FP06   foam pump FP07   foam pump FP08  
  FP05, Neck: 40mm   FP06, Neck: 40mm   FP07, Neck: 32mm   FP08, Neck: 30mm  
  foam pump FP09   foam pump FP10   foam pump FP11      
  FP09, Neck: 30mm   FP10, Neck: 28mm   FP11, Neck: 28mm      
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Simple but functional design of foamer pumps that goes with your foamer bottle packaging. We carry an array of foamer pump designs that fits your personal skin care products.
Ideal use for kitchen and bathroom liquid soap
Regulated foaming quality that feels great on your skin
Customizable colors and finish to fit your packaging specifications
This product requires your own testing and evaluation for functionality and compatibility.

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