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Minimum Order Policy:
Due to the high cost of invoicing, packing and collection, all orders under $2000.00 will be surcharged a $15.00 minimum order service charge.

Returned Goods Procedure:
Buyer must contact Matsa's customer service department for a returned goods authorization number and shipping instructions prior to returning any products. All returns must be shipped prepaid, in resalable condition, and are subject to insurance or a credit or refund. Products not returned within 30 days of receipt are subject to a 20% restocking charge. The return of non-stock items is subject to a restocking charge. The sale of custom made items is final-no returns will be accepted.

Do you have a catalog?
All of our items are shown online. Sorry, we do not have a print catalog. You can view any product page and click at the next page button at the bottom. You will be taken through our entire catalog in a circle until you return to the page you started at.

What are your quantity discounts?
Discounts are available on all items based on the quantity ordered. Most items have price breaks at case quantity, 500+, 1000+ and higher quantities. Please E-mail us your quotation request Ltdluding the item number and Quantity required, We would be happy to customize a quote for you.

What is the operational advantages of Plastic Pallets?
Plastic Pallets are not suitable for use of fire wood or building shacks
Less weight (save on transport costs)
Wider range molded designs available
Longer life expectancy (more trips) for your capital outlay
Prevents microbial growth
Does not absorb water, strange liquids or humidity
Performance does not degrade by commonly use chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents
Full perimeter base
Rubber anti-slip profiles (Optional)
Stopper to prevent slipping of the load (Optional)
Clean and easy to handle
Strong and durable (up to 5 times the life of wood)
Weigh less, cheaper to transport than any other Pallet
Impervious to acids, fat solvents and odors
Resistant to moist, insects and fungi
Can withstand freeze and steam cleaning
Empty pallets can be stored outside, thus saving expensive indoor storage space
Repeatability of size and weight
Perfect for automated packaging systems and palletizing equipment
No need for costly pallet repairs
Pallets can be recycled; damaged pallets have a cash value
Optional imprinting of company name or logo on the pallets with large orders

What is the Financial implications of Plastic Pallets?
Initial cost of a Plastic Pallet is much more than the traditional wooden pallet. Over a period of time the Plastic Pallets become far more cost effective.

What makes the Plastic Pallet more cost effective?
Plastic Pallets are more durable, more trips can be made (about 10 to 15 times more) per Plastic Pallet
Plastic Pallets save on storing space
A Plastic Pallet's less weight saves on cost per trip
Plastic Pallets save time on a factory assemble line with less stoppages
Plastic Pallets can be recycled if broken
Plastic Pallets cause less injuries in labour force

What makes the Plastic Pallet last longer than a Wooden Pallet?
For a start. Nobody breaks a Plastic Pallet on purpose for firewood or use parts of it for the building of shacks in townships
Wood would be affected by bacteria, fungus or insect contamination where Plastic Pallets are well protected against it
Plastic Pallets are molded with strong material - no weak spots due to craftsmanship
Freezing temperatures have no influence on Plastic Pallets where wood becomes brittle and collapses or breaks easily
When stored outside in sun, rain and frost wood pallets get rotten in a short time (about 1 to 3 years)

Is the Plastic Pallet resistant to chemicals?
Plastic Pallets are molded from HDPE. This material has excellent chemical resistance and is virtually inert to all alkalis, acids, solvents and detergents, etc.

Up to what temperature can the Plastic Pallet structural foam containers withstand?
Structural foam containers can withstand temperatures of:
-40° to +140° Fahrenheit or -4.44° to +60° Celsius

What is the difference between static and dynamic?
Static means the containers are not in motion (sitting on floor, in a supported rack, or stacked). Dynamic means the containers are loaded and in motion (being moved by a forklift or on a truck).