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Custom Design

Engineering & Design Services offers all the assistance you need to create and manage effective reusable packaging programs. Our packaging, applications, and material handling specialists work across all areas of your organization to assess your needs, build support, communicate strategies, and implement systems - all to assure you of a smooth transition to reusables.

Design & Prototyping

Our design and prototyping groups can get started and turn things around quickly for you. With every step of the process in-house you get a team working without communication barriers. We know when each step is completing and can move it through the process.

Moldmaking and Patternmaking
Injection Molding
At our affiliated foundry and machine shop, experienced foundry personnel cast and tool the molds used to mass produce plastic parts in the vacuum-forming process. The injection molding tools are precision cut on CNC mills to ensure accuracy and repeatabilty. Using an affiliated tooling shop helps us maintain quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process and pass on additional cost savings in the form of lower tooling costs.


Injection MoldingInjection Molded PalletMatsa also produces injection molded parts with extensive capabilities. We mold a variety of engineering grade thermoplastics in both low and high pressure molds. Packaging also dominates this segment of our business, however, we also mold parts for various other industries. We are able to mold parts varying in size from very small to very large, up to and Ltdluding parts weighing 190 pounds. Our custom injection molding services are unlimited in capabilities. Complemented with our extensive knowledge of material properties and vast experience, we can ensure exceptional products with appealing and enduring design.

ThermoformingThermoformingBecause of its versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, thermoforming is the preferred process to manufacture returnable packaging, and small to large-scale plastic parts. Simplistically, the process entails heating a plastic sheet extrusion to its forming temperature, and placing it over a cast mold. The sheet is held against the molding surface with vacuum until cooled, resulting in a stronger and more lightweight product over the alternatives. Matsa extrudes plastic sheets in-house to assure the highest quality and consistency. Thermoforming allows the customer to create premium products, similar to injection molding, but with less expense allocated to tooling.