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Do you have an unusual product with its own unique shape and feel? Are you at a loss as to how to package it? Our Product Development team can design a custom packaging solution specifically to meet your needs. We consider aesthetics, durability, marketability, feel and function. Send us your product and requirements and we'll design a prototype for you to consider - with no commitment on your part!
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  cosmetic pump LP01   cosmetic pump LP02   cosmetic pump LP03   cosmetic pump LP04  
  LP01, Lock: up & down   LP02, Lock: up & down   LP03, Lock: up & down   LP04, Lock: up & down  
  cosmetic pump LP05   cosmetic pump LP06   cosmetic pump LP07   cosmetic pump LP08  
  LP05, Lock: up & down   LP06, Lock: up & down   LP07, Lock: up & down   LP08, Lock: up & down  
  cosmetic pump LP09   cosmetic pump LP10   cosmetic pump LP11   cosmetic pump LP12  
  LP09, Lock: up & down   LP10, Lock: up & down   LP11, Lock: up & down   LP12, Lock: up & down  
  cosmetic pump LP13   cosmetic pump LP14   cosmetic pump LP15   cosmetic pump LP16  
  LP13, Lock: up & down   LP14, Lock: up & down   LP15, Lock: up & down   LP16, Lock: up & down  
  cosmetic pump LP20   cosmetic pump LP21   cosmetic pump LP22   cosmetic pump LP22AL  
  LP20, Lock: left & right   LP21, Lock: left & right   LP22, Lock: left & right   LP22AL, Lock: left & right  
  cosmetic pump LP23   cosmetic pump LP23AL   cosmetic pump LP24   cosmetic pump LP24AL  
  LP23, Lock: left & right   LP23AL, Lock: left & right   LP24, Lock: left & right   LP24AL, Lock: left & right  
  cosmetic pump LP25   cosmetic pump LP25AL   cosmetic pump LP26   cosmetic pump LP26AL  
  LP25, Lock: left & right   LP25AL, Lock: left & right   LP26, Lock: left & right   LP26AL, Lock: left & right  
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Regular output dispensing lotion pumps that dispense between 1 cc to 3 cc of product per stroke are the most popular dispensers for lotion, gels and soaps on the market today.

These are the standard pumps that most health and beauty aid, personal care, hair care, and cosmetic companies are using around the world. These pumps have locking heads assuring no leakage or accidental dispensing of product during transportation.

Stock dispensing lotion pumps are white but custom colors have increased dramatically in popularity to give your package that custom look without any significant additional expense. Custom metal collars can also be supplied for the ultimate up scale cosmetic look.

Rigid quality control assures you that every dispensing pump will function properly and will look fantastic on your bottle.

A gigantic range of Lotion Pumps are available with Matsa Beauty Packaging. Matsa offer durable lotion pumps which are available in different neck sizes, colors etc. We have vast experience in dealing with lotion pumps, which are simply unbeatable. In addition, we are specialized in the manufacturing of custom-built lotion pumps. When it comes to wholesale lotion pumps, then we are counted on the top. Our rust resistant wholesale lotion pumps have many salient features like :

Cap: smooth cap, ribbed cap and metal cap

Specifications: 20/410, 24/410, 24/415, 28/400, 28/410, 28/415, 32/410, 33/410, 38/410

Discharge Rate: 1.20 - 1.60ml/T or 1.60 - 2.20ml/T

Locked system: Up-Down or Left-Right

Decoration: Metalized

Dip tube: Dip Tubes can be made to any length.

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