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Do you have an unusual product with its own unique shape and feel? Are you at a loss as to how to package it? Our Product Development team can design a custom packaging solution specifically to meet your needs. We consider aesthetics, durability, marketability, feel and function. Send us your product and requirements and we'll design a prototype for you to consider - with no commitment on your part!
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acrylic cosmetic jar MS316 acrylic cosmetic jar MS317 acrylic cosmetic jar MS318
MS316 acrylic jar MS317 acrylic jar MS318 acrylic jar
acrylic cosmetic jar MS319 acrylic cosmetic jar MS320 acrylic cosmetic jar MS321
MS319 acrylic jar MS320 acrylic jar MS321 acrylic jar
acrylic cosmetic jar MS322 acrylic cosmetic jar MS323 acrylic cosmetic jar MS324
MS322 acrylic jar MS323 acrylic jar MS324 acrylic jar
acrylic cosmetic jar MS325 acrylic cosmetic jar MS326 Aluminium cosmetic jar MS327
MS325 acrylic jar MS326 acrylic jar MS327 aluminium jar
Aluminium  cosmetic jar MS328 Aluminium  cosmetic jar MS329 Aluminium cosmetic jar MS330
MS328 aluminium jar MS329 aluminium jar MS330 aluminium jar
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Plastic jars mostly have lids and are used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical industries to contain many different commercial products that are often in liquid, paste, gel and powder form. Products like peanut butter, mayonnaise, cosmetic products like cream and lip balm all use plastic jars as packaging. Although the top may be slightly tapered, jars differ from plastic bottles in that they don't have a neck but rather a larger opening. They differ from jugs because they aren't made with handles. Plastic jars are almost always produced with removable lids. The top of the jar often has male threading, while the jar interior has female threading, creating an air-tight twist-off seal.

Plastic jars are manufactured through the injection molding process, where molten plastic is inflated inside a mold and left to cool in the desired shape. This container producing method is fast, inexpensive and can produce transparent, opaque and solid colored jars in high numbers. Plastic resins like PP, PS, PMMA and PET are used as the materials which produce square, round, hexagonal and straight-sided jars. They can range in size anywhere from 5ml to 300 ml. Using plastic to make jars has become a popular alternative to glass because it won't shatter when dropped, it's stronger and less expensive to produce.

Matsa is addressing the issue of flexibility through a new line of acrylic jars designed to serve a wide range of market needs. Available in a huge variety of different sizes, shapes and designs, the jars can be used for powder, skin care, blush, eye shadow and even hair products. Now offered in a 7 different sizes, the line is available in crystal clear packaging that can be made in elegant silver matte or in a variety of colors. Among our collection of acrylic jars we offer a comprehensive range of high quality, these versatile acrylic jars are available in a multi-size range from 5 ml to 300 ml.

Our plastic jars and containers are durable and very cost effective. We are increasing our ranges of plastic jars manufactured using PET to encourage the use of more environmentally friendly forms of plastic packaging material. Or browse our PP range for a variety of environmentally friendly and effective protection options. If you need further information about any of our products or are looking for some advice of suitable items or customized jars, please feel free to contact us.

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