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Do you have an unusual product with its own unique shape and feel? Are you at a loss as to how to package it? Our Product Development team can design a custom packaging solution specifically to meet your needs. We consider aesthetics, durability, marketability, feel and function. Send us your product and requirements and we'll design a prototype for you to consider - with no commitment on your part!
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The First Trend - Air Tight

With the amount of time that each of us spends on finding the best skin care products or wrinkle creams to use it seems silly to think that the bottle it comes in is important to examine when making a purchase. Consumers usually think of labels and boxes and pretty shape bottles are nothing more than a glamorous way to catch your attention in hopes of making you purchase that particular brand. Scientists, however, have proven that the packaging of a wrinkle cream actually plays a much larger role in the overall effectiveness of an eye gel or wrinkle cream, forcing consumers to rethink their thoughts on packaging. The author examines the most effective packaging for wrinkle creams and what consumers need to know when making their purchase.

To be effective an eye gel or wrinkle cream must be able to deliver a high concentration of ingredients deep into the skin. For this reason both the ingredients that are chosen to be included in a wrinkle cream is important as is the delivery system itself. By delivery system, we mean whether a product is a cream, a serum, a gel, etc. So much time is spent on creating a formula that will effectively penetrate and treat that it would make sense to protect it from the environment.

When it comes to protection the largest concern is being air tight. Now not all products require packaging to be air tight, but many of the medical grade, or high quality ones do. For this reason packaging should include an airless pump. By protecting the creams, gels or serums from oxygen, you protect the integrity of the products, allowing for faster absorption and more complete treatment. Packaging plays a more important role for certain ingredients than others, but all products benefit from air tight packaging and airless pumps.

Airless pumps and air tight packaging have been proven to be the most effective way to bottle anti aging products, specifically wrinkle creams or eye gels. While consumers must first identify the best ingredients for a wrinkle cream, they must also now weigh packaging options as well. Look for the products that are sure to protect the integrity of the formula contained within. Products that take the time to create effective formulas should be protected, as should the consumers who purchase them. Take the steps to be sure the wrinkle cream or anti aging serum you are purchasing is protected from the environment, so that you receive the very best treatment available for your situation.

The Second Trend - Crystal Clear

When it comes to hot, new looks for packaging, clear components made of heavier gauge plastics such as lucite and acrylic are high in demand. Jeanine Recckio, a "beauty futurologist" and founder of Mirror Mirror Imagination Group, a New York-based marketing and trend forecasting company, sees the future of packaging heading in the direction of invisible containers that convey integrity, simplicity and honesty.

Recckio pointed to the use of better quality plastics that are clearer and more substantial, saying, "The new packaging is futuristic and modern, so that all you see are chunks of fabulous color and product. Sometimes the simple frame, almost invisible, is best."

"The crystal clear packaging look has exploded over the past several months with major improvements and innovations in the clarity of raw materials such as acrylic," commented HCT's Anderson. "We are now able to design and produce new components that stress the colors of the products to attract consumers at all levels of retail distribution." A constant stream of new, innovative materials is one of the essential elements in the packaging of products for the cosmetic, fragrance and personal care market.

Matsa Beauty Packaing, is actively researching and developing materials such as these. Currently, Matsa's acrylic lotion bottle is branching out in the cosmetics industry, being used as a resin for the injection molding of bottles used for upscale cosmetics and body lotions.

These acrylic lotion bottles are ranging in size from 0.5 oz to 4 oz, the transparent dual chambers (acrylic outer bottle & PETG inner bottle) with an airless dispensing pump, lotions and creams were dispensed through atmospheric pumps with a dip tube. The new packaging initiative was intended to have a “royal, regal quality to it.

To highlight its efficacy, the line utilized white packaging with gold, silver decoration.

Acrylic is more expensive than a regular PET, but it's worth it because.

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