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Exterior size: 535×413×300mm
Internal size: 500×380×290mm
Exterior size: 535×413×335mm
Internal size: 500×380×320mm
Exterior size: 800×550×375mm
Internal size: 746×500×365mm
Exterior size: 680×478×365mm
Internal size: 630×438×355mm

Exterior size: 680×478×365mm
Internal size: 630×438×355mm
Exterior size: 610×410×310mm
Internal size: 570×380×300mm
Exterior size: 585×365×340mm
Internal size: 555×335×325mm
Exterior size: 580×370×210mm
Internal size: 550×340×200mm

Orange crate
Exterior size: 515×365×310mm
Orange crate
Exterior size: 515×363×293mm
Exterior size: 620×440×305mm
Internal size: 563×386×291mm
Exterior size: 685×480×370mm
Internal size: 650×440×365mm

Exterior size: 820×580×410mm
Internal size: 770×535×400mm
Exterior size: 620×440×305mm
Internal size: 590×410×300mm
Exterior size: 610×430×210mm
Internal size: 555×385×190mm
24 Beer bottles crate
Exterior size: 515×363×293mm

20 Beer bottles crate
Exterior size: 450×365×315mm
12 Beer bottles crate
Exterior size: 360×275×315mm
Exterior size: 483×328×144mm
Internal size: 458×305×137mm
Exterior size: 622×420×125mm
Internal size: 580×390×108mm

Egg crate
Exterior size: 455×318×275mm
Crate for icebox
Exterior size: 535 ×390×145mm
Bean curd crate
Exterior size: 503×398×120mm
Bean curd crate
Exterior size: 455×395×100mm

for containers
Shopping basket
Exterior size: 480×330×270mm
Shopping basket
Exterior size: 425×295×225mm
Warehouse floor mat
Size: 1000×600×50mm

Warehouse floor mat
Size: 900×300×25mm
Warehouse floor mat
Size: 600×300×25mm
Plastic tote crate
Exterior size: 630×430×300mm

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Plastic Crates

Matsa's plastic crates meet the demands of today's automated food, beverage, beer, agriculture, apparel, electronics, pharmacy, bread, milk processing plants. These cases offer many quality features these industry has come to expect from Matsa Packaging for over 10 years. By listening to our customers Matsa has developed the widest range of plastic crates on the market today. Whether you need all-plastic or steel ringed crates, heavyweight or lightweight cases, wide grid or narrow grid walls, tall or short splash panels, molded-in or hot stamp branded logos, or crates with a little different dimension, Matsa has the type, size and color you need.

All Matsa cases are built to last with proven features that stand up to the brutal rigors of distribution and storage, as well as automated packers, palletizers and conveyors Ltdluding double drag rails and rounded and reinforced corners, bottoms and handles. UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants insure our high-density polyethylene resins remain durable and colorfast for the life of the crates. Most important of all, Matsa cases protect your precious product with smooth package friendly interiors, recessed bottoms that won’t damage bottle caps and superior top load strength that saves precious floor space in refrigerated warehouses and storage rooms.

Crates made of plastic are manufactured through plastic injection molding and often use HDPE, or high density polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic and can be molded when heated. The plastic injection molding process involves heating plastic resin until it becomes molten, then, under very high pressure, injecting it into a metal mold. The plastic will dry in the shape of the mold, in this case, a ventilated plastic container with grid-like walls and a solid bottom. In-mold labeling is often used to imprint a company logo onto each crate. The crates are usually sized according to pallet size, and a single pallet is able to hold up to 54 plastic crates at one time (if they are small enough).

Thanks to Matsa product development, new innovative crate handling solutions are constantly being introduced to the market. At the core of these systems is automation, which makes production faster and more efficient and Ltdreases daily capacity. This, in turn, multiplies the enterprise's productivity.