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Exterior size: 635×435×365mm
Internal size: 580×405×325mm
Exterior size: 580×420×330mm
Internal size: 505×375×290mm
Exterior size: 490×350×270mm
Internal size: 430×315×230mm
Exterior size: 380×300×210mm
Internal size: 335×270×170mm

Exterior size: 680×460×395mm
Internal size: 625×430×360mm
Exterior size: 670×490×405mm
Internal size: 605×445×365mm
Exterior size: 570×400×320mm
Internal size: 525×365×285mm
Exterior size: 480×355×265mm
Internal size: 430×315×230mm

Exterior size: 385×285×190mm
Internal size: 335×260×150mm
Exterior size: 515×370×295mm
Internal size: 475×340×260mm
Exterior size: 530×380×230mm
Internal size: 500×350×190mm
Exterior size: 590×410×225mm
Internal size: 535×370×190mm

Exterior size: 525×375×300mm
Internal size: 480×345×265mm
Exterior size: 550×370×300mm
Internal size: 480×325×280mm
Exterior size: 450×370×195mm
Internal size: 390×340×180mm
Exterior size: 400×320×180mm
Internal size: 340×285×160mm

Exterior size: 730×425×170mm
Internal size: 680×395×155mm
Exterior size: 790×385×160mm
Internal size: 740×360×155mm
Exterior size: 560×395×325mm
Internal size: 515×360×275mm
Exterior size: 515×370×285mm
Internal size: 470×340×250mm

Exterior size: 465×345×260mm
Internal size: 420×315×225mm
Exterior size: 530×370×285mm
Internal size: 465×340×250mm
Exterior size: 720×520×440mm
Internal size: 650×470×395mm
Exterior size: 655×475×405mm
Internal size: 590×430×360mm

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Plastic Boxes

A commonly sought after design in the plastic storage box range are those with integrated lids. These plastic storage boxes are stackable and nestable with integral hinged lids. Customers can choose one of these plastic storage boxes sets from three different sizes to meet their needs. These plastic storage boxes all sport smooth internal walls. They boast carry handles on both sides and are lockable with cable ties.

Plastic storage boxes with normal lids are also popular. Made from clear plastic which makes identifying stored items easy, these plastic storage boxes are heavy duty and stackable. These plastic storage boxes are able to tolerate both low and high temperatures.

Plastic boxes are used for display as well as storage. Boxes may be large and heavy-duty polyurethane or polyethylene-glass composite, or they may be small and made from thin, transparent polystyrene. Uses for plastic boxes vary, and many industries use plastic boxes, especially in consumer products manufacturing. Boxes manufactured for consumer product use might Ltdlude compartmentalized tool boxes, clear toy and candy displays, travel game containers, cosmetics products containers and household storage boxes.

SLtde plastic is durable and practical yet relatively inexpensive, it remains the number one solution for many manufacturers and distributors. Prized for its flexibility in color, shape, and hardness, it is by far more cost-efficient than its alternatives such as wood, glass or metal. Recyclability is an issue with consumer products packaging, however, and where plastic storage containers, totes and barrels are largely reusable, consumer packaging is not, nor is it often feasible or economic to recycle. More industries are encouraging consumers to recycle, but product packaging materials must be chosen carefully if they are to be chosen not only for convenience, but for environmental efficiency and sustainability as well.

These plastic storage containers feature a snap on lid and a transparent construction that makes identifying contents quick and easy. Select the storage box that best fits your needs and stack them for more efficient use of your storage space.