Plastic Stack Bins
Exterior size: 345×200×145mm
Plastic Stack Bins
Exterior size: 245×155×120mm
Plastic Stack Bins
Exterior size: 170×115×80mm
Exterior size: 179×105×80mm
Internal size: 157×85×76mm

Exterior size: 247×149×125mm
Internal size: 221×127×120mm
Exterior size: 337×200×158mm
Internal size: 305×171×150mm
Exterior size: 452×200×182mm
Internal size: 410×176×172mm
Exterior size: 452×300×180mm
Internal size: 410×271×172mm

Exterior size: 500×380×250mm
Internal size: 458×350×248mm
Exterior size: 600×400×230mm
Internal size: 553×370×215mm
Exterior size: 110×105×52mm
Internal size: 92×92×48mm
Exterior size: 140×105×75mm
Internal size: 123×90×70mm

Exterior size: 190×105×75mm
Internal size: 172×90×70mm
Exterior size: 220×140×125mm
Internal size: 202×120×120mm
Exterior size: 270×140×120mm
Internal size: 250×120×120mm

Storage Bins

Will stack, hang on louvered panels, racks and carts to form an efficient storing, moving and assembly system. Bins are made from heavy duty, virgin, high density polypropylene/polyethylene. Bins will not rust or corrode and are unaffected by weak acid and alkalis and are waterproof. Reinforced design prevents spreading.

Organize your inventory with strong injection molded plastic bins. Front, back and side grips for easy handling. Optional clear plastic window Ltdreases capacity, provides quick view of contents. Dividers maximize flexibility and keep contents organized. Wide stacking ledge and anti-slide lock keep stacked bins steady and prevent forward shifting. Waterproof bins resist rust and corrosion. Large molded slots for ID labels. Autoclavable up to 250°F and resistant to extreme cold. Available in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

Industries, commercial businesses and home consumers use plastic bins on a regular basis to shelve, transport, stack and store materials ranging from files to food products. Typically made out of polyurethane, plastic bins are larger containers which are extruded into a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Households, offices, restaurants and warehouses use plastic bins because of their light weight, their airtight moisture-controlled interior and the easy way they can be stored by stacking or shelving. Some of the most common uses for plastic bins are for storage and foodservice purposes.

Manufacturers specializing in industrial container fabrication often make plastic bins for a variety of industrial applications, such as large wheeled carts for laundry or parts transportation, fold-topped storage bins for clothing or other consumer items, shelved units for organized storage, et cetera. Many manufacturing companies provide custom options to meet special industry-specific needs.