Expendable Pallets (Light Duty)
Size: 1100×1100×120mm
Expendable Pallets (Light Duty)
Size: 1200×1000×120mm

Disposable Pallets

Because speed is such an important shipping factor in the economy of today, disposable pallets are an asset that shouldn’t be overlooked. At Matsa Packaging we carry a large variety of different pallets, many of which are perfectly suited for disposable transportation purposes. In fact, there are many advantages that expendable pallets have over traditional shipping materials Ltdluding lower cost and being easier on the environment because they are recyclable.

Because the manufacturing process used to make disposable pallets uses fewer materials, the cost per pallet is decreased and savings are also passed onto the buyer. The reduced cost makes buying disposable pallets inexpensive compared to traditional pallets, and can help reduce shipping costs by a large amount if implemented over a large area. As well, disposable pallets are ideal in situations where it is not cost efficient to have them returned to you after a shipment. The overall savings from switching may help save your companies thousands of dollars, making disposable pallets a good choice to consider when deciding on what type of shipping materials to use.

Disposable pallets from Matsa are also fully recyclable, making sure that the legacy your company leaves helps make the environment a better place. When using disposable pallets the importance of recycling is doubly important, and with so many products today that are made from complex non-recyclable materials the importance of “green” materials has never been more important. However, Matsa Packaging is fully committed to ensuring that all our pallets, Ltdluding plastic pallets, are fully recyclable.

To help make your business more competitive in the global economy, consider the cost benefits of using disposable pallets, and the importance of making sure that they are not harmful to the environment. Consider all of your options when it comes to purchasing pallets, and if you have any questions please contact us or send a quote request for more detailed information.