Exterior size: 550×365×160mm
Internal size: 515×330×145mm
Exterior size: 550×365×210mm
Internal size: 515×330×195mm
Exterior size: 365×275×160mm
Internal size: 325×240×145mm
Exterior size: 365×275×210mm
Internal size: 325×240×195mm

Exterior size: 696×396×262mm
Internal size: 675×373×245mm
Exterior size: 650×435×210mm
Internal size: 615×400×195mm
Exterior size: 650×435×260mm
Internal size: 615×400×245mm
Exterior size: 650×435×160mm
Internal size: 615×400×145mm

Exterior size: 435×325×210mm
Internal size: 400×290×195mm
Exterior size: 670×450×330mm
Internal size: 635×420×310mm
Exterior size: 670×450×235mm
Internal size: 635×420×215mm

Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible plastic boxes are strong, durable, and resist rough treatment. They are easy to fold down and comfortable to grip, facilitating swift, simple handling. Reusable, returnable and recyclable, collapsible plastic boxes are compatible with dollies, conveyors, and other warehouse equipment.

Collapsible boxes have custom designed, interior dunnage that cannot be lost or damaged. The container has the strength and durability of an injection molded box. The expert design of this collapsible box offers a 3:2 return ratio with attached interiors. They are collapsible for shipment but then the interiors and side walls pop up easily and quickly.

You have several options for the interior textiles to safely guard your products from scuffing and damage. The outer shell is injection molded and keeps your contents safe from external factors.

Collapsible boxes are reusable so you can get various interiors designed to fit different products.

At Matsa we take the time to listen to what our customers are trying to do, how they want the collapsible boxes to perform, what type of product they plan to ship in these containers, where they are shipping to and how they will be returned. Then we recommend the right container for their use. We have helped large corporations implement returnable packaging systems nationally using several collapsible boxes, and we have helped small start up firms that are using only a few stock containers. By providing this type of packaging, we have helped many firms Ltdrease productivity and minimize transportation costs. Our collapsible boxes are made from injection molded plastic. We even provide internal dunnage such as partitions, foam, and pouches to protect the individual products as well.

Collapsible bulk boxes are used in both industrial and retail applications with or without custom dunnage to protect individual parts. Using these products Ltdreases productivity, improves handling efficiency, and protects products better than ever before. They can be injection molded, custom welded, and fabricated to meet the needs of our customers. We have full line of stock collapsible boxes, new and refurbished, ready for immediate release. We also custom make collapsible boxes to withstand high temperatures and extreme conditions so our customers can benefit from using returnable packaging regardless of their industry and the amount of weight of their products.